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Annual Audits

All Town and Community Councils have to undergo an Annual Audit so that local taxpayers can be assured that the risks to public money have been managed. The annual return is the principal means by which a council is accountable to its electorate and most councils must complete an annual return to confirm that everything is in order.  

Each year the Council’s annual return is audited and any person interested has the opportunity, within a given timescale, to inspect and make copies of the annual return and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts relating to them.

As at 30 September 2018, no audit opinion has yet been issued in relation to the Accounting Statements for the year ended 31 March 2018.  View Notice and the Annual Return (subject to Audit).  

View Notice of Conclusion of Audit, Northop Community Council Annual Return and the External Auditor’s Report for 2016-17

View Northop Community Council Annual Return for 2015-16

View Northop Community Council’s Annual Return for 2014-15

View Northop Community Council’s Annual Return for 2013-14

View Northop Community Council’s Annual Return for 2012-13

Northop Community Council Precept 2018/19

At the Council meeting on 9 January 2017, members resolved to maintain the Northop Community Council precept at its current level for the coming financial year 2017/18.  

Register of Members’ Interests

Where a member has a personal interest in any business of this Council and they attend a meeting at which that business is considered, they must disclose to that meeting the existence and nature of that interest before or at the commencement of that consideration, or when the interest becomes apparent.  Here is the pro-forma used to make any Declaration of Interest.  With effect from 1 May 2015, all Declarations of Interest will be noted in full in this Register of Members’ Interests.  Copies of the completed pro-formas are held by the Clerk.  Contact details are as shown above.

Renumeration to Members - 2017/18

Members’ Code of Conduct

At the Council’s Annual Meeting on 9 May 2016, members resolved to adopt the new revised model Code of Conduct for Welsh Councils.  View Northop Community Council’s Members’ Code of Conduct.